Islamic Studies Paper2 2019

Question 4

  • Enumerate the modes of revelation in Islam.

  • Explain each of the enumerated modes of revelation



The question was very popular among the candidates and majority of those who attempted it performed well. The question requested the candidates to give the following points:


According to Q. 42 : 51, the modes of revelation are:
  • Waḥy (revelation), llhām (inspiration) and Ru’ya (dream).

  • Min warā’i ḥijāb ( behind a veil).

  • Malak (Angelic revelation).

    • Waḥyun involves the casting of an idea into the mind of the recipient.
      It is also referred to as llḩām or Ru’ya.

    • Min warā’i ḩijāb (from behind a veil).
      This form of revelation took the form of direct speech in which the actual words of Allah were spoken to the Prophets

    • Malak (Angelic revelation): The agent of this mode is Angel Jibrīl.
      He delivers the message in words Waḩyun Matluwwun.

    • It is the highest form of revelation. The revelation of the Qur’ān mainly took this form.