Islamic Studies Paper2 2019

Question 2

Examine the concept of piety according to Hadith 18 of an-Nawawī



This is a very popular and straight forward question well answered by most of the candidates who are familiar with the expectation of the answers. The question demanded the candidates to write on the following, thus:

This was a fairly popular question. Only a few of the candidates got it right while a large number of them find it difficult to understand the demands of the question. Few of the candidates that answered this question understood its demands and scored high marks. The question demanded from the candidates to examine the following points:


    The theme of Hadith 18th is on Piety.
  • Piety in the text of the Hadith is known as at-Taqwā (Allah’s consciousness).

  • The Hadith teaches that Piety should be displayed wherever a Muslim finds him/herself and in whatever he/she does.

  • iA Muslim must radiate the consciousness of Allah in deeds and utterances.

  • It connotes the fear of Allah in worship.

  • In human relation, we must also be conscious of Allah.

  • Muslims should do good deeds which will wipe out their bad deeds.

  • A Muslim has to be good to himself and to others.

  • Fear of Allah promotes peaceful and harmonious co-existence in society.

  • The life of a Muslim should be based on righteousness and goodness to all.

  • Doing good deeds after bad ones signifies sincere repentance.

  • Allah is everywhere with His knowledge.