Islamic Studies Paper2 2019

Question 3

Describe the events at the Arbitration of Adrūh.



This question is unpopular among the candidates. Most of the candidates who answered the question got it wrongly due to their inability to explain the events at Arbitration of Adruh and could not write much on it. However, they performed below average. The question demanded the candidates to explain the following points:


    Arbitration of Adrūh took place in Jan. 659 C.E. (Introduction).
  • Shortly after the death of Caliph ‘Uthman, there occurred a general disharmony among the Muslims.

  • The widespread insecurity led to the emergence of two Muslim leaders namely: cAli and Mucāwiyyah.

  • This then led to the battle of Siffin in 657 C.E.

  • In order to avoid further bloodshed, an arbitration committee was set up.

  • The Arbitration took place in 659 C.E.

  • Caliph ‘Ali was represented by Abū Mūsā al- Ashari while Amr b. al-Āṣ represented Mucāwiyyah.

  • Both Abū Mūsā and Amr were accompanied by 400 supporters.

  • Proceedings began with a private meeting between Abū Mūsā and Amr.

  • Events during this bilateral meeting were not very clear.

  • The common version was that both representatives agreed to dislodge their leaders.