Clothing and Textiles 2, WASSCE (SC), 2017

Candidates' Weakness

Most of the candidates could not identify fibres in question 1 (a). Many candidates could not also state the special finishes given to cotton fabrics in 1(b).  Most of them were explaining the terms instead of listing them. In question 1(c), many of them listed absorbent fabrics instead of specific fabrics suitable for a child’s school uniform. Diagram showing the first stage in the making of an open seam was not drawn correctly by many candidates in question 2(b).
The following suggestions should be adapted in order to overcome the weaknesses:

  1. Practical work should be carried out in schools and get the student involved.
  2. The students should be taught Clothing and Textiles terminologies.
  3. Students should be taught the different types of fabrics and the differences between fibres and fabrics.
They should always practice how to draw diagrams.