Clothing and Textiles 2, WASSCE (SC), 2017

Question 5

Candidates were required to

(a)  (i)   Explain the term wardrobe planning as used in Clothing and Textiles.
      (ii). Explain two benefits of wardrobe planning.

(b).  State three characteristics of a well-made hem opening on the front of a shirt.

(c).  State three factors that determine the choice of fastening when making garment.

(d).  Suggest two suitable fastening for each of the following:
(i).   Waist band of a skirt;
(ii).  Wrap opening of blouse;
(iii). Faced slit opening of a jumper.

Many candidates answered 5(a & b) and performed very well. They did not answer 5(c) correctly. The expected answer is the garment being made, the fabric being used, the age of the wearer and the position of the fastening. Suitable fastenings for waist band in 5(d) was also answered correctly but for opening of a blouse and faced slit opening of a jumper, the candidates interchanged the answers. The expected answer for wrap opening of blouse is button and buttonhole, press fasteners, Velcro etc.