Clothing and Textiles 2, WASSCE (SC), 2017

Question 3

3. (a) (i).  State one difficulty that may be encountered when sewing jersey fabric.
         (ii). Explain how to overcome the difficulty mentioned in a (i) above.
   (b). Describe how to test for colour fastness in fabrics.
   (c). Give two examples each of the following:
         (i).   Neatening stitches;
         (ii).  Joining stitches;
         (iii). Decorative stitches;
        (iv).  Permanent stitches;
         (v).  Temporary stitches.

(d). Sketch the front view of a dress showing fullness suitable for a soft and
pliable fabric.
Many candidates attempted this question and performed very well. Only few     
candidates could not write the examples of joining stitches correctly. They were     
expected to give examples like running stitch, over sewing stitch, ladder stitch, back      
stitch etc.