Clothing and Textiles 2, WASSCE (SC), 2017

Question 1

In this question candidates were required to

1 (a). State four ways of identifying fibres.
     (b). State six special finishes given to cotton fabrics.
The candidates stated the ways of identifying fibres and the special finishes given to cotton fabrics was not stated correctly using the terminologies. They were expected to state special finishes such as embossing, trubenizing, mercirizing, sizing etc. Some candidates were able to explain the finishes but could not mention the terms.
In 1(b) absorbent fabrics suitable for a child’s school uniform in the tropics were not listed properly only the fibres were mentioned. They were expected to state absorbent fabrics like poplin, drill, sheeting, rayon etc.
The characteristics of linen fabrics that make it suitable for skirt in 1 (c) was explained well by the candidates and this made them to perform well.