Clothing and Textiles 2, WASSCE (SC), 2017

Question 4

Candidates were required to

4 (a).    Classify pockets into three groups.
(b)(i). List six examples of pockets.
(ii). State three uses of pockets in garments.
(c).     With the aid of a diagram, describe how to attach a pocket on a man’s shirt.
Some candidates could not classify the types of pocket correctly. They were expected to write the patch pocket, with or without flap, the set – in pocket with special opening made in the garment etc.  Some were mentioning side pocket, front pocket instead of patch, set – in pocket etc. So many candidates were able to list the uses of pockets in garments.
In 4(c), some candidates sketched the pockets on a man’s shirt but did not describe it correctly. The description is to pin and tack the pocket in place on the right side of shirt. Stitch pockets and secure ends.