Islamic Studies Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2018

Question 6

  1. Describe the performance of Tawāf during Hajj.

This was a popular question. Only a few of the candidates got it right while a large number of them could not establish how Tawāf is performed during Hajj. The question demanded the candidates to give the following points:

  1. Tawāf involves going round the Kacbah seven times in a state of purity.
  2. It is the performed for ajj and cUmrah.
  3. There are essentially three types but perfomed in the same manner.
  4. These are: Tawāf –Qudūm (Arrival Tawāf)
  5. Its time of performance depends on when the pilgrim arrives at Makkah.
  6. It is to be performed before the standing at cArafah.
  7. The second Tawāf is variously called Tawāf al-Ifadah, or Tawāf az-Ziyārah or Tawāf ar-Rukn.
  8. It is compulsory of the three kinds.
  9. It is performed on the Day of cId al-Ahā.
  10. The final Tawāf is Tawāf al-Wada (farewell Tawāf).
  11. It is performed when a pilgrim first perfoms ritual bath.
  12. The pilgrim begins and ends the movement from the ajar al-Aswad.
  13. The pilgrim begins by saying: Bismillahi Allāhu Akbar.
  14. The Black stone is kissed, touched or signalled at every round of the circumambulation.



  1. The pilgrim touches the Rukni Yamāni in every circuit.
  2. The pilgrim also recites certain supplications during the Tawāf.
  3. Pilgrims do the first three rounds faster than the last four of the seven rounds.
  4. Two Rakcah of Nāfilah is to be observed at Maqām Ibrāhīm at the end of it.