Islamic Studies Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2018

Question 3

  1. Outline the conditions for the authenticating  of  Hadith.

The question was popularly answered by most of the candidates due to the facts that the conditions for the authenticity of Hadith are very straight forward and they performed         well. The question requested the candidates to give the conditions for authenticating Hadith:

The Muḥāddithūn have stipulated certain conditions for the authentication of      hadith ( Introduction).

  • The Hadith must be accompanied by an Isnād (chain of narrators) with the authority under whom it was transmitted.
  • The Hadith must be traceable to the Prophet (S.A.W.).
  • The Isnād must be continous and uninterrupted.
  • Every link in the Isnād must be known to be upright persons ( cādilūn).
  • None of the persons in the Isnād must be implicated in forgery, sectarian, political and theological disputes.
  • The narrators of the hadith must be a contemporary of the teacher on whose authority the hadith is related.
  • The narrators of the Hadith must possess a retentive memory.
  • The narrator must not be totally unknown (Majhūl).
  • The Matn (text of hadith) must not contradict the Qur’ān.
  • The Matn must be in agreement with reason.
  • The hadith must be historical and it should not fail the test of historical evidence.
  • The Matn of hadith must not extol the virtues of a particular tribe.
  • The Matn must not predict the future events or dates.
  • Both the Matn and Isnād of the hadith must be clear of subtle and hidden defects.