Islamic Studies Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2018

Question 4

  1. Discuss the teachings of Islam on Shirk.

This question stands out to be one of the major structure upon which Islam revolves on. It connotes the major difference between a believer i.e. Muslim and non- Muslim. Most of the candidates who answered this question performed well in their expressions of those acts depicting one another from the fold of Islam. The question requested the candidates to give the following points:

  1. Shirk (polytheism) is associating partner (s) with Allah.
  2. There are two forms of Shirk in Islam.
  3. Shirkul-Akbar (the major Shirk).
  4. Shirkul-Aghar (the minor Shirk).
  5. Committing Shirkul-Akbar takes one outside the fold of Islam (Kufr).
  6. Committing Shrkul-Aghar makes one a disobedient Muslim but does not take him out of Islam.
  7. Shirk is a grievous sin (Q.4:48).
  8. Example of Shirk al-Akbar is the denial of the existence of Allah.
  9. Other forms of Shirk include: Humanism, Trinity, Ancestor/Hero worship, Natural phenomena etc.
  10. The issue of Trinity is decisive on idol-worship (Q.107).
  11. Examples of Shirkul- aghar is Riyā (show-off, eye service etc).
  12. One should disobey parents if they invite him to practice Shirk.
  13. Shirk is regarded as the highest form of hypocrisy (Q.3:13).
  14. The opposite of Shirk is Tawḥīd (Monotheism).