Islamic Studies Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2018

Question 1

  1. Comment on the first four verses of Sūratul Fātiah (Q.1:1-4).

This is a very popular question well answered by most of the candidates who are familiar with the expectation of the answers. The question demanded the candidates to explain only the first four verse of Sūratul Fātiah as follows:

  1. Sūratul Fātiah is the first chapter of the Holy Qur’an and it contains seven oft-  repeated verses.
  2. Thanks be to Allah Lord of the worlds. 
  3. The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
  4. Master of the Day of Judgement.
  5. All human acts are expected to start with the name of Allah.
  6. Gratitude must be expressed to Allah for His bounties.
  7. Allah created and owns the universe with its creatures, (living and non-living)
  8. The Day of Judgement is real.
  9. Allah will preside over the judgement on the Last Day.
  10. The Day of Judgement confirms resurrection.
  11. All human beings will account for their deeds on that day.
  12. The wrong-doers will lament and go to Hell.
  13. Allah’s judgement is fair and unquestionable.
  14. All humankind are at his Mercy.