Clothing/Textile Paper 2, May/June. 2010  
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Question 5

(a) (i) State four reasons for finishing edges of articles.

             (b)      Mention two edge finishes suitable for each of the following articles:
                        (i)        waistline of a skirt
                         (ii)       hem of a waist slip;
                         (iii)      Neckline of a man's shirt;
                          (iv)      Edge of a tablecloth

              (c)       With the aid of three well-labelled diagrams, describe how to join crossway strips.



They did not answer the question well because they do not have a firm grip in the practical aspect of the work.

The required answers to the question are as follows:


(a) (i)      Reasons for finishing edges of articles
           - To strengthen raw edges
           - To conceal raw edges./to prevent fraying
           - As a decoration
           - To complete the edge of garment
           - As a style feature

     (b)            Types of edge finishes suitable for:

           Waistline of skirt:            bands, facing, binding, casing, draw strings.
           Hem of waist slip:           False hem, facing, using of frills, use oflace,binding, shell edging, scalloped edged.
           Neckline of a man's shirt:    Collar, facing, binding, embroidery piping.
           Edge of a table cloth:           Use of lace, binding, facing piping, shell edge, embroidery .


           - Place the selvedges edges together, right sides facing, comers overlapping for
              the depth of the seam.
           - Tack and stitch on the seam line between the angles formed by the
              overlapping comers.
           - Remove tacking and press turning out flat. Snip off the protruding comers.







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