Clothing/Textile Paper 2, May/June. 2010  
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Question 3

(a)       Briefly explain the following terms as used in garment construction giving two
examples each.
           (i)        undergarments;
           (ii)       foundation garments.
(b)       Explain two points to consider when choosing clothes for a baby.
(c)       Explain two reasons for wearing clothes.
(d)       What are care labels?
(e)       Draw the symbols for the following care labels:
           (i)        iron with moderate temperature;
           (ii)       tumble dry.


They did not know the meaning of undergarment and foundation garment. Points to consider
in the choice of children's clothes and symbolism of care labels was not well answered.

The required answers to the questions are as follows:

                                 (a)       Explanation of the following terms:

  • Undergarments: these are garments worn next to the body to protect the
    body against harsh fabrics and also to absorb sweat e.g. brassieres,
    briefs,vests, panties, etc.
  • Makes outer garment drape better

                               (ii)         Foundation garments: these are undergarments worn purposely to keep
the body firm e.g. girdle, corset, long brassieres, belly band.
                                 (b)       Points to consider when choosing clothes for a baby

  • Comfort - fabrics used should be smooth, absorbent and soft.
    Fabric must be non-inflammable, comfortable to wear and strong.
  • Seams should be flat, smooth and strong.
  • Style should be simple easy to wear and remove. Avoid long tapes or strings.
    Garments should be roomy enough to allow for growth.
  • Opening and fastening should be easy to wear and remove,

    Avoid very fluffy fabrics
       Buttons should be attached to avoid irritation.
       Clothes must withstand frequent washing
       Fabrics should be easy to launder.

                                 ( c)      Reasons for wearing clothes

  • For adornment: Clothing is used to beautify the body for different occasions.
  • Modesty /Decency: Clothing is used to cover our nakedness.
  • For protection: Clothing is used to protect the body from the sun, cold, rain, wind, fire, etc .. It
    also protects against animal and insect bites.
  • For mood expression: Certain colours of fabrics worn depict the mood of a person depending on the
    culture e.g. black, dark brown and dark shades of red for mournful occasions.

          - For identification/belongingness: The use of uniforms identifies persons belonging to social or                occupational groups e.g. nurses, priests, policemen, religion and nationality.

(d) Explanation of care labels
They are information tags attached to garments or articles, giving instructions to the
user on fibre content and how to handle and launder them.

(e)" . Syrnbols on care labels

Iron with moderate temperature                                         1/2 mark each  

(ii)           Tumble dry

  1/2 mark each = 1 mark
                                        Grand total = 15marks





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