Civic Education Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments


Candidates’ weaknesses as reflected in their work included:

1.Violation of Rubrics Many candidates failed to adhere to the rubrics of the paper and therefore answered less than the required number of questions.

2. Illegible Handwriting The handwriting of many candidates were not legible and therefore unreadable.

3.  Poor Expression/Grammatical Tenses Many candidates had poor mastery of English Language. This made it nearly impossible for the candidates to clearly explain their points in order to score high marks.4.4.

4. Improper Numbering of Questions Answered Some candidates did not number their answers and some wrote wrong numbers against different answers.

(5) Cramming of Answers on the Same Page Some candidates crammed answers of many questions on the same page.

(6) Lack of Proper Understanding of the Subject Many candidates did not properly understand the subject matter.

(7) Lack of Understanding of the Demands of the Questions

Many candidates did not understand the demands of the questions, e.g. most of them resorted to mere mentioning of points instead of giving detailed explanation.

(8)Lack of Communication/Presentation Skills

Many candidates were unable to clearly explain the identified points; a good number of them cannot communicate their thoughts properly even though they had the idea


1. Candidates should be urged to strictly adhere to instructions/rubrics of the subject as failure to abide by the demands of the rubrics may affect their performances.

2. Teachers should be mandated to regularly check and mark students’ notes. This way, teachers can ensure that spellings are correct and those with illegible handwriting can improve.

3. Schools should prepare their students for external examinations by teaching them to answer only one question on a page and to number their answers correctly.

 4. Qualified teachers should be employed by schools and relevant textbooks procured.

5. Concerted efforts should be made by candidates to cover every aspect of the

Syllabus before the examination. Teachers should also pay more attention to the teaching of all topics in the Syllabus.

6. Candidates should, in addition to reading their textbooks, listen to news and read

newspapers as well as magazines to widen their knowledge of the subject.

7. Candidates should explain their points to earn full marks. Candidates should therefore be advised to read questions carefully, interpret them correctly and give detailed answers.

8. Candidates should improve their ability to communicate in order to be able to

 clearly and precisely explain points.

9.Candidates should be advised to study their recommended textbooks adequately in order to give concise and comprehensive answers to questions.



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