Islamic Studies Paper 2, Private Candidates 2019

Question 6:

  1. outline the features of the angels (Malāikah).
  2. Mention ten Angels (Malaikah) with their specific functions.



This was a popular question. Most of the candidates, who attempted it performed very well. got it right while a large number of them could not establish the role of Hajj in the spread of Islam in West Africa. It is basically on the nature, characteristics and the specific functions of the angels and to get good mark, candidates were expected to mention the following points:

(a) Features of the Angels

i. Angels are created from light.

ii. They can assume any form on divine instruction.

iii. Angels bring Allah’s messages to His Prophets, Messengers and others.

iv. Angels strengthen the faith of Prophets, Messengers and believers.

v. Angels pray for mankind.

vi. Angels prompt mankind to be righteous.

vii. Angels never eat, nor drink.

viii. Angels never dose nor sleep.

ix. Angels obey Allah absolutely because they don’t have free-will (Q.66.6).

x. Angels have no gender.

xi. Angels are invisible beings (Q.9:26).

(b)Angels and their specific functions:

i. Angel Jibrīl - He carries revelation from Allah to human beings (Q.2:97)
- He serves as intermediary between Allah and His Prophets (Q.26:192-194).

ii. Angel Mīkā’il – He is in charge of provision of sustenance to Allah’s
creatures. - He is in charge of natural phenomenon (rain, wind etc.).

iii. Angel Isrāfīl – He is the trumpeter in charge of resurrection of the dead on the
Day of Judgment (Q.18:99).

iv. Angel Azrā’il – He is in charge of taking souls (death) (Q.32:11).

v. Angel cAtid - He records the bad deeds done by man and Jinn (Q.82:10-12).

vi. Angel Rāqib - He is in charge of writing good deeds done by human beings and Jinns (Q.82:10-12).

vii. Munkar – He is the questioner in the grave concerning the deeds of human beings. (Q.11:16)

viii. Nakir – He is also the questioner in the grave concerning the deeds of human beings. (Q.11:16)

ix. Malik - He is in charge of guarding Hell. (Q43:77)

x. Riḍwān – He is in charge of the inmates of Paradise (Q.43:77).