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Food and Nutrition 2, Nov/Dec.2008  
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General Comments

Question 5

  1. What is a food habit?
  2. State four ways in which food habit can be affected by different factors
  • 3(i) Give one difference between food fad and food fallacy
  • (ii) List two examples of each of food and food fallacies



Only the (b) part of this question was well answered by the candidates who attempted it. They were able to state ways in which food habits could be affected by different factors. However part(a) and (c) were poorly answered as they could not state food habits as the attitudes or practices of eating food as requested for in (a) part. Many candidates could not differentiate between food fads and food fallacy and only a few gave good examples of food fads and fallacies.

The candidates were expected to answer as follows:

Definition for Food Habit

1(a)#A food habit is the attitude on individual has towards food OR
practices of eating a particular food.

Factors affecting food habits

  1. family upbringing
  2. social interaction

customs: taboos
types of food produced within a locality
health of the individual

  1. weather
  2. economic status
  3. education
  4. religion
  5. emotional feelings

(c) Differences between food fads and food facilities

Food fad is a temporary style or practice that people engage in as far as food is concerned.

Food fallacy is wrong opinions about the consumption of certain foods.

Examples of food fads and food fallacies




serving fried and Jollof rice
during occasions

Children should not eat egg

The fast food crazy that leads to 
monotonous feeding

Pregnant women should not eat banana

Using imported low quality baby 
food instead of high equality locally

Pregnant women should not eat snails


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