Clothing and Textiles 2, SC 2019

Weakness & Remedies


Almost all the candidates did not write the middle finger where the thimble should be worn while sewing. Many candidates draw the back of skirts, labeled, and also could not explain the uses of the parts labeled. Whereby they were asked to attach the pockets, it was not well attached; even some candidates did not attach the pocket on the shirt.
Generally, the candidate’s response to the practical aspects of the questions was not encouraging.

The following suggestions should be adapted in order to overcome the weaknesses:
-Candidates should try and study hard and find time to make researches on their own not necessarily having to wait for teachers before they could read their books.
- They should go online and learn new things.
- Schools should provide qualified teachers and adequate text books.
- Teachers should engage the students more on practical aspect of clothing and textiles.