Clothing and Textiles 2, WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 1

In this question candidates were required to

Question 1(a)Explain fibre, yarn, spun yarn and continuous filament yarns as used in Clothing and Textiles

Question 1(b), Mention four ways fibres can be identified

Question 1(c), Identify four fabrics which need special care while cutting out.

This section posed some difficulties for candidates. Majority of them were unable to give the correct explanation in 1a. For example, yarns were mixed up with fibres; candidates could not differentiate fibres from yarns with technical word “staple”. In defining spun yarn, candidates failed to mention the idea of spun twisted in the definition. Those who were able to define continuous filament yarn missed out the term long and twisted fibres. In 1c, candidates lost some marks because they listed the types of fibres as silk, rayon, nylon etc instead of the types of fabric which need special care such as stretched fabric, check, etc. The few candidates that attempted it performed woefully.