Auto body repair & Spray painting Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 2

     (1) (a) (i) List three sources of accident in the workshop
               (ii) List three materials used to extinguish fire in the workshop
          (b) State the function of each of the following:
               (i)  body jack;
               (ii) comma dolly
          (c) (i) List two types of maintenance carried out on workshop equipment

(a) (i) Identify the equipment shown above
(ii) Name the parts labelled J, K, L, M and N

(b) State three uses of the equipment identified in (a) (i)

(c) List two types of sealers used in auto body repairs


The candidates could not correctly give the needed answers to any of the questions asked in this question number.  The required solutions are given below.
  (a) (i)   Air Compressor
        (ii)  J:     inter cooler                                        M:     starter
              K:     pressure switch                                 N:     pressure gauge
               L:     motor

(b) Uses of Compressors
- It is used to aid the flow of paint in spray gun.
- It is used to dust off dirt from auto parts.
- It is used to inflate tyres. Etc

  (c) Types of Sealers
- Standard Sealers;
- Isolating Sealers;
- Inhibitors